The cloud is agile, powerful and infinitely scalable. That's the good part. The bad part? Dealing with cloud-complexities and the cost run-offs. Our mission is to unify and simplify all aspects of cloud management so that our customers can see what's going on with their cloud infrastructure and identify the cost culprits. We'll watch your back so you can focus on what matters - your business.
Meet our founders Cloudshim was founded by two brothers who come from tech backgrounds. With their entrepreneurial spirit, they set out to unify and simplify the cloud. They believe the cloud can be powerful when used correctly but it can also be daunting for businesses to adopt and manage. Our founders, Vishal and Lokesh bring a combined eighteen years wealth of experience to make this mission a reality. Vishal has served as a leader and developer in Microsoft's cloud division - Azure. He believes in things being usable and simple, no matter how complex the core is. Lokesh is passionate about analytics, and he has built scalable solutions for Amazon Advertising. These solutions have helped leadership in driving key business decisions. He believes all decisions can be made quickly if the right data is presented. Together, Vishal and Lokesh have embedded an agile culture into getting things done, and built this company to enable businesses realize and maximize the full potential of cloud.
Vishal Taneja Co-Founder & CEO/CTO
Lokesh Taneja Co-Founder & COO/Sales
Made in the Cloud City
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