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Shave off up to 40% of your cloud bills and improve devops efficiency with our revolutionary cloud visualization & 360° Cloud Save Technology.
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Smart Cloud Blueprint
Cost Control
Why cloudshim?
Cloudshim is the only platform that combines meaningful insights of your cloud inventory with powerful cost analytics to deliver a superb, all-round 360° cloud savings. We help developers run efficiently and lean on the cloud.
We help finance gain much needed visibility and transparency of running on the cloud.
Visualize your cloud Unified global view of cloud infrastucture and cost
Manage your costs Powerful analytics and deepdives
Maximize ROI With our saving Recommendation your ROI is realized in no time
Save Time All necessary decision making data at your fingertips
Budget Controls Cap runaway cloud spend by setting budgets
Cost Analytics Full-fledge analytics to unearth your heavy hitters
Unified Cloud View Track infrastucture by location and costs
Saving Recommendations Our system is always working hard to save you money
Smart Resource Scheduling Conquer your idle instances with simple scheduling
FinOps Reporting Bridge the gap between IT and Finance
Your data is secure
No credit cards are stored on our system
Nor do we store any passwords in our system
Secure FIPS 140-2 & AES-256 for data encryption
SSL / TLS encryption for data in transit
Simple & intuitive user experience
Single click on-boarding Add cloud account with a single click
Simple to use Intentionally!
Self-serve platform The title says it all
Enroll for free in our early access program* *Requires an active AWS account
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